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The Future Of Space Exploration Lead By Women

Episode Summary

Dr. Judy Jeevarajan is the Vice President and Executive Director of the Electrochemical Safety Research Institute at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. She has worked in the area of batteries for more than 25 years with a primary focus on lithium-ion chemistry. Before joining UL, she worked at NASA-Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston for 12 years. She was the Group Lead for Battery Safety and Advanced Technology at NASA-JSC. Before becoming a civil servant at NASA in 2003, she worked on-site at NASA-JSC for Lockheed Martin Space Operations for five and a half years. Over the years, the battery industry has evolved on a huge scale. From using lithium-ion cells in portable and small electronic equipment to massive power and energy systems used in aviation, automotive, space, etc. In this episode of Tech for Change, listen to our host @offairwithkay speak with Judy about how she is working to bridge the gap that calls for greater safety measures due to exponential growth in the battery industry To know more about visit: Judy Jeevarajan | Underwriters Laboratories (